1963 409 425hp for sale

I have a 1963 409 425hp dual quad for sale,the motor was rebuilt last summer by Carl Mcquillen Engines in Leroy NY.30 over,dynoed at 460 hp ,only reason selling is for health reasons just found out health is not good, contact me by phone if interested price is 15k or reasonable offer 716-450-4910 iam in western NY south of Buffalo thanks Rich
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Have a question iam looking at a 61 Biscayne to buy ,the add says 348,but the dip stick is on the passenger side of the block.i thought only 409s came with the dip stick don't have any numbers yet or seen it in person,could someone give me any info ,I would appreciate it Thanks Rch

Don Jacks

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Maybe I'm wrong,but the double notched [58-61] did not have the X on the face of the block,nor did they come with the 333 head.The 62 and later blocks did have the X on the block,but were of a single notch design the same as a car 348 block.In that case,these more desirable engines would have a 962 or a 655 casting number,and would have the 333 head unless someone changed them over the years.
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All 011 truck blocks will be double notch, all X truck blocks will be single notch.
The only ones in question are early 962 with no X. If they came with 333 heads then single notch, if not then double notch unless one shows up with some new truck head that hasn't been seen before.

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Sorry, i left out the part about 348 truck blocks having the X, only in the years 63-65 as well as 333 heads like the 409 truck blocks had 333 heads, i believe. Years ago, a fella tried to sell me a 63 truck 348, that he insisted was a truck 409 because of the X on the block. Also, my friends, 61 conv. is a 655 block with a X on it and a few others i have seen.
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