1963 - 409-QA 425hp .$$. 10,000.00 Complete top to Bottom, Has ran on a engine stand. Starts right up.


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Hi, This is CASHguzzler409, trying to help my friend sell his neat running 409. As the pictures show most of what you would ask, if you need more info on this motor, Duane is on this site, he has the Gold Car 63. He has put this motor together and has ran it for a couple hrs, so its ready to drop in someones car, it starts on the 1st or 2nd try. And it really rumbles. He lives in N. Seattle Wash. and if interested you can see it, or hear it run on his home built stand, no guessing what you get. aka. buzzsaw (Duane) 425-508-3266. 100_3784.jpg

100_3785.jpeg 100_3786.jpeg 100_3787.jpeg 100_3788.jpeg 100_3789.jpeg 100_3790.jpeg 100_3791.jpeg 100_3594.jpg