1963 Gold Impala Restoration

Hi, just bought 3- 63 Impala's and 1 was a Gold Car with a org. 4spd, org. chrome wheels, tach,
heavy duty front suspension, it came with a 409, so I'm try my best to figure out if this might be a
true 409 car. My friend CASHguzzler is helping me post this, and will post pictures for me. So with your help and knowledge we might have fun with the mystery car.


100_3647.jpeg 100_3645.jpg 100_3643.jpeg

100_3642.jpeg 100_3641.jpg



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All cars have vin tags cowl tags and clear Wa. titles and yes they came from Bellingham one fender was replaced at some point of time behind the side molding it was painted white so came from a white car also the 409 badge has two sets of holes two above the other ones like they didn't measure very well thanks for the info on the difference of 63 and 64 I will do my research also look at the correct gold fender. The pic of the red car was a factory white car with red interior. Like someone to decode all the numbers on the firewall and side of cowl area I figured out some of them but would like your help. My plan is to do the gold car first then if I still have the energy do the primer black car (factory light blue) code 912 a year ago I built another 409 hp 425hp motor maybe put that motor into the other car. The white 63 probably will be for sale at some point in time. I want to thanks you all for your support so glad to be on the 409 forum lots of information from you all.
Here is a pic of the gold car cowl tag, if you or someone could help me out there is a 2-8 on the right side of the tag the dot between the 2 and 8 is part of the border I have never seen this on any other tag I have seen. Thanks guys DSC01999.JPG


I think I've seen numbers on the outer edge like that but don't recall anyone deciphering them. The dot is probably just from the stamping over that outer ridge. :dunno2