1963 Steering column assembly

Jeffrey Osstyn

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So I have my steering column apart for some work, the upper portion. Can anyone shed some light on the upper spacer and the adjustment plate with the 3 ramped wedges to take up the play on the collar. I have read the factory repair manual, and it is somewhat helpful put not total clear. The spacer I am referring to slips inside the mast tube, then the shifter collar slides over the spacer. I call it a shifter collar for lack of a better term, mine is a manual trans with floor shifter so the collar is not used for shifting. Anyway, the screw on the bottom of the mast tube is connected to the ramped ring I referred to and you are supposed to loosen the screw and turn the ring to take up slack in the shift collar to steering wheel/turn signal collar. I am not getting the parts together correctly to allow any adjustment to take place by turning the ramped ring. Also the spacer does not seem to contact any hard points so that when you slip the collar over it just slides further into the mast tube? The relationship of the three raised points that the ramped adjustment ring rides on and the spacer also has me confused? Sorry if my description does not describe my situation completely. Any help would be great!