2004 National Convention memories!!

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I noticed that Bob has moved all of our old threads and posts that aren't "current" in a separate place. So just this morning I decided to look everything over. WOW!!!! They are listed in chronological order. For 409 Iowa Dave.....that means newest back to oldest!!! Anyway..it sures brings back of lot of memories for me and everyone who attended the event.

If you want to see them.....go to Events Archive and go to page 11...the last page and start at the bottom. This is the history of the first Convention. That was my original posting. And go up. Pretty much page 11 and 10 are all related to everybody's posts. It really makes you realize the number of members that aren't part of the group now and the huge number of new members that are so active now and did not have a chance to attend or even get an idea of what happened. If you attended in 2004.....you'll have a great trip down memory. If you are new now and are trying to decide whether or not you want to come.....this may give you an insight of what you could expect if you do come!! DQ and all!!! Lots of great pictures. Be sure to check out DQ's pictures. They were great and most were of the guys and their cars.

The 2014 Convention will be just like the 2004 Convention except.................it will be totally DIFFERENT!!!!!! 2004 was held in a motel parking lot and the car show at the KCI Expo Center. Everything was in a totally controlled environment. 2014 will be held at a race track for all 3 days. This is because of the success of the Blue Swede Cruise in Norwalk, Thompson, OH and the California get together. But in Great Bend we will not have the space to have us all on one place. But I'm trying real hard to make this event just as successful as the first one.


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Thanks for clarifying "chronological" for me. I thought it was one of those "new" colors such as mauve or periwinkle............................:poke