2013 West Coast Shoot Out, Dedicated to Dave Smith


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Received this email from Ken, he asked me to share....

Ken Smith said:
Liv and I are safely home in Kelowna. Tina and Don are safely home in Calgary.

We arrived in Kelowna around noon yesterday. Don and Tina headed out immediately for Calgary and arrived there about 8:00 pm last night. We took the route you recommended up through Crater Lake. It was a beautiful drive. We spent one night in Bend Oregon and the next night in Leavenworth Washington.

We really want to thank yourselves and other friends on the forum for your hospitality. We all really enjoyed the visiting, meeting new friends, the races and the entire trip.

The car never faltered. Dave would have been so truly honored if he were here: firstly for the support from friends and secondly taking home the Wally !

We would much appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to the friends on the forum.

We can’t commit for next year at this point but it would be great to get together again. As the time draws nearer we will send you details of events around our area should you be interested in traveling our way.

Please keep in touch.
Thanks Again.

Best Regards………..Liv & Ken.

Bill and Linda


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Thanks for passing Ken's words on, they are really great people. Glad you and Linda are home safe and sound. We all can't wait to see your pictures and videos.

Last 60

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Bill, so glad ya'll made it home safe and sound. Take good care of Ms Bela, A '62 belaire 409/409 (black) sold yesterday at the Auburn auction for 84K.
I saw that too. Wondered if that was the 500 miler with the head studs, but no mention was made of the mileage that I heard. Good looking '62.



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Okay a few pictures of the Dave Smith Westcoast Shootout 2013... :hug

Let the gathering begin...

Taking a look at Dave's car after he looses oil pressure...

The Smith family arrives ready to race...

Paul lined up for a run...

Dinner out at the Cook house restaurant...

Lee cleans the car while Joel talks... Where do I get a pit crew like that ??:roll

Now there is a new car added to the group !

Ready to start racing...

Joel ready for a pass - Man that is a big helmet ?


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More pictures...

Lined up for more racing...

Working on Pat's car, because Joel didn't break his...

Ready for the Shootout ???

Lined up for the Final...

And the Winner is !!!

I think he is happy !:dance

Saturday Night out...

Me explaining to Ken how to win a race ???:laugh

Presentation to Ken and the family in memory of Dave Smith, from the group at 348-409.com

I will put together the video real soon...

Had a great time
Bill and Linda

Phil Reed

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That's awesome Bill!!! Can you please post the names....I know you and Linda but not anyone else!!! Man...this group looks soooo much older than the crowd in Iowa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really........just felt like throwing that in!!!


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Okay, I'll try to identify some of the people. Realize I'm terrible with names, maybe some help from Linda...

Starting in the upper left.. going clockwise.
Pat and Pattie (409newby)
Paul (Garbageman)
Dave's Bother-in-Law ?
Kim (beautiful 63 409 drop top) can't remember if he has a handle on here
Dave (boxerdog)
Lee (Joel's Pit crew)
Dean (HHR-L80) and Denise
Linda (Ms Nuts) and Bill (Nuts)

Hope I didn't make too many mistakes !:doh


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I had some tangy local beer too...pretty good also. And the jambalaya was tasty.....and a great get together.


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409 newby,Look's like you had a lot of help putting in that fuel pump.lol those actuator rod's can be a pia at time's, or was that not the problem????


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What is wrong with beer flavored beer:dunno
oh, nothing, but it still need's some salt!!!!Different beer for different place's . When i was at summer camp in guernsey wyoming when i was in the national guard i walked into a bar and asked for a coor's beer and the bartender said , what's that , i was amazed he never heard of it, of course that was in 1963.