2017 Vintage Super Stock Series Schedule


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The event schedule for the 2nd season of US41 Motorplex' Vintage Super Stock Series has been announced.

The dates are as follows:
June 10th
July 15th
August 19th
September 16th
October 14th

A few other changes include a different purse structure (based on a minimum of 12 cars):
900 - Win
300 - Runner Up
100 - Semis
25 - Quarters

The points will change to 10 points for entry. 5 points per round won, and a 10 point race winning bonus. The exception being the final event containing an additional 15 point bonus.

Entry will now be $20 at the gate and $50 turning in the tech card. You will receive 2 tech cards upon entry. The second tech card will be for Sunday in the event of a Saturday rain out to run a gamblers race, or to stay and test and tune Sunday should you choose to stay at the track.

I'd love to see more GM cars out here to beat up on the Fords and Mopars if any of you guys are interested in attending!