KY 2018 HOLLEY NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green 409 Shootout June 14-16

Fathead Racing

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National Dragsters NHRA HotRod Reunion coverage was in this weeks issue. Apparently our 348/409 group wasn't even there. Not one mention of our winners or any of our group attending the event............
Someone in the NHRA does not like us. That is the only explanation. You would have to knowingly exclude the 409 cars on purpose being the number of us there. We need to dig deeper into this obvious snub.
The NHRA Hot Rod Reunion was a fun event but NHRA could have a done better job with keeping their promises to the 409 group. I for one am disappointed in their business of putting on a event. I'm all in to have an event for the 409 group next year anywhere in the Midwest. I was runner up and didn't receive anything. Let NHRA know what you think of this.


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Plan on the Rock n Race at dragway 42 next year Ralph. I'm working with the track guy on something for next year ( 409 class or possibly a nostalgia super stock race with the 409's). Sorry you didn't get anything, I got screwed in the deal too and didn't get anything.