KY 2018 HOLLEY NHRA Hot Rod Reunion Bowling Green 409 Shootout June 14-16

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Hey I got a new shifter I need put on...................yall think you could come down a little early next year so we..............I mean yall could get that installed.......and oh yeah I would like to put some 90/10 shocks on the front, maybe change the front springs also, and while I'm thinking about it how bout installing the line lock, and could you get it done the Saturday before, so I can take it to the track and make a couple of test passes..........thanks guys.....................:brow:brow:brow:wax:burnout


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Ok guys lets get a list going who's in. We had a great time last year and they want us back just hoping for a few more cars. Race is live on tv with lots of coverage and they even put us in the national dragster magazine last year. They even payout $125 if you win one round $500 for winner Dave Coots can elaborate on what they give the runnerup ( It has been this way the last two years)

1 Lonnie and Scott Hall 1962 Impala
2 Bryan Fugate 1963 Impala
3 Martin Keys 1962 Belair
4 Ricky Inghram 1961 Biscayne
5 Kevin Wilson 1963 Impala
6 James and Tom 1962 Biscayne
7 Dave Coots The Crusher 1964 Impala
8 Mark and Mike Steele 1962 Biscayne
9 Wes Wesolowski 1963 Ragamuffin probable
10 Red Williams 1963 Biscayne
11 Ryan Vandillen 1955 Thunderbird
12 Dick MacKenzie 1962 Belair
13 Brian lambert 1932 Bantam
14 Shan quickshift 1962 Biscayne
15 Joel Czopek Awsumcars 1962 Biscayne
16 Ray Fatride 1960 Impala as long as he don’t shoot it
17 Plumcrazy ?
18 Charlie and Jerry Kuenster 1959 Chevrolet
19 Barry Taylor Car unknown
20 David Horvat 1962 Biscayne Code Red
21 Lou Savio 1962 Belair Prehistoric Rat

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