2018 Super Chevy at Columbus National Trail, Hebron, Ohio, July 27 & 28


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Fridays time trails were 1/4 mile, and on Saturday our 409 group run exhibition runs were 1/4 mi. But eliminations were all 1/8 mile. I went out in 2nd round elims. , .050 lights weren't good enough. Weekend best 1/4 was 9.29 @ 142. Only had one run that really hooked good, 1.28 60 ft. with wheels up. Every run was a bit off, and never really got a handle on it. I'll keep after it til I get it right. I did win a Friday night mini-bike grudge race with my Rupp beating up on a Honda mini-trail on the return road. Excuse was he was low on gas. Yeah right.