3.55 ring and pinion, maybe 3.36

Tom Miller

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Anyone have a 3.55 gear set laying around?
I have a P case with a 4.56, but I don't want that much gear.

If I can't find a 3.55, I "may" consider settling for a 3.36



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4 series carriers only fit 4:11 and 4 :56 and 4;88's.
In order to install 3:55 or 3:36 gears in a 4:56 rear end, you have to have ring gear spacer
3 series carriers only work with 3 series gears (3:08, 3:35 3:55 and 3:70)


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Correct me if I am wrong. You can put 4 series gears on a 3 series carrier with a spacer. I have 4.11's and a spacer where I had 3.36's. But I don't think you can put 3 series gears on a 4 series carrier can you?

Tom Miller

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Thanks for the info guys, but still looking for some 3.55's, even if they are in a non Posi third member, I'll grind a rib out and install a new posi unit, and just sell this 4.56 P third member I have to offset the cost.


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Back in '72 or '73 I brought a '63 3.08 Posi unit to a Speed Shop that was known for their Gear work. I wanted a lower set of Gears and mentioned 4.11's. He said "No problem". I asked him if that would work OK and he confidently said "sure, why not". It cost me $100 back then, $50 for the Gears and $50 for Labor. I installed the unit in my '56 Nomad and had at least 100 high rev burnouts along with at least 500 Powershifts (foot to the floor and stays there) on it. It never failed.


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:doh I tried to find a 4:11 gear, for 3 years. No one had them:confused Then I tried to get a 3:73. Everyone advertised it as a 3:73. I bought one from Summit. When I opened the box, it was a 3:70.:bang :wtf Elite Gear is the cheapie, Richmond Gear brand.

Dean's 61 bubble

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kind of like a 4.10 versus a 4.11....think you will find the tooth count, one more on the pinion and one less on the ring gear, for one ratio and then the tooth count is flipped by "one" for the other ratio, if you follow me..

Tom Miller

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Just a question for you all......
Am I asking for something super rare, looking for a set of used 3.55 gears??
Or is this an uncommon ratio for 55-64 rears?