3.55 ring and pinion, maybe 3.36

Tom Miller

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The 3.55's were pretty common. I believe I have some available in complete used Hogsheads, but not really the Gears by themselves.
Thanks for the reply Bill.
If you are interested in selling a pig with 3.55's, would like to hear price and location to look into shipping.
You can private message me if you'd like.


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Skip,there NEVER was a 3.73 gear in these cars back in the day.There was a didn't show up until the 12 bolt appeared in 65.
Don is right about no 3.73 in the 55-64 style rears, just 3.70. However 3.73 did show up in the 64 Chevelle, the first of the 10 bolt/12 bolt style rears.
I know that, guys. I tried to get a 3:70, at one time. Couldn't find one.:doh I ended up getting a 3:73 from Summit. Glad I did.:clap Like Dean said the 3;73 had a different tooth configuration, than the 3:70. It is much quitier and smoother, than the 3:70, I used to have in my 64. I still have the 3:73 in my car now.:appl


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Drove our car with the new 3.08 center section I put in last year, the 409 loves them. I do indeed have a set of 3.08's and 3.36's need a good cleanup but usable.


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The 3. 70 is definitely harder to find. I've got a good one out of a '60 El Camino available if anyone is ever looking for one. Not a Posi though.
I'm running a 3.70 posi in my wagon. Not sure how I will like it yet. Might switch it after I get a 700r4 in it next year. The powerglide will have to do for now.