32 Ford


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A 64 365 HP was FI?

Another great project, I can see why you snapped it up. My father had a 35 3 window, any 3 window is pretty rare.
Not FI, 365 HP vs 375 FI.
Cecil, very interesting, stamping looks original, even the exhaust manifolds are original, big balancer, FI heads with the old oil splash shields are still on it.
I’ll pull it out in a few days and get a better look.

Yeh, not cheap, but these don’t come along everyday, all steel, complete with doors, fenders, running boards, rumble seat with all hinges and original springs.
Has been chopped about 3-4” as best as I can tell, great job. 12 bolt Pontiac/Olds rear end. New glass that was cut for the chop.

What is amazing is that this sat for all these years not for sale. The owner/builder died several years ago and a guy I know bought it a year or 2 ago, decided not to build it, so I came along.

Lots to still uncover, clear Alaskan Title dated 1967.

Now, I still need some info about the Algon and the 409. Anyone ever run one with it computerized?

Tom Kochtanek

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Way to go Pat, that will be a great bonding project for you and your grandson :).

I now have two grand sons, I should be looking for projects for them in 15 years (they are 1 year and 2 months respectively) :) :) :).

We all look forward to pics as this project matures. Will Al be point man on this one?

Wish I knew more about the Algon FI system. All I know is there is one 12 miles away from me that got away from me some years back...


La Hot Rods

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Nice score.
I think the hard part of converting the Algon to EFI would be getting the throttle plates to seal up good enough for idle.
Give Nick Smithberg a call, he may have some incite on converting one.


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Pat: P&J is a great shop with great customer service that I have used for years.
How is the chassis of the car? The front end looks like a very old independent conversion (Corvair maybe?) with reversed steering arms, and the rear coil spring set-up looks questionable.
I've got some new/old/unused chromed P&J front suspension stuff for a straight axle if you are going that direction. PM me for details if you are interested.



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I like the patina on the outside, a different look from a red, black, or yellow one. Do all the mechanical and interior but leave the outside the way it is? Old school wheels too.


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Actually, I’ve told my grandson, for him to take the time to study 3 window coupes. We are going to get the suspension decided, interior, etc.
The current front end is a complete joke, some kind of cobbled up mess, a Chrysler tilt steering column, 66 Chevelle 12 bolt rear end, some cool SW gauges.
Lots to come, will be working on the 409 and the Algon Injection soon!!


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Going to computerize it for all the obvious reasons. I bought this one forever ago, made for the big port 690 heads.
One thing I am going to look for are possibly taller injector stacks. Kind of difficult given the design, but I bet someone has done it.