32 Ford


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Making headway.

He’s not excited I’m making him mock up everything.
It’s double work but he has really learned so much. Kind of like when he put some parts on incorrectly and he had to take off and rebuild:):)
Besides that, I just observe and occasionally get involved, like get me another beer.

BF4A7ADE-1F91-49EE-8D89-6412DC55EB06.jpeg BC18E6ED-A908-4B16-8906-EC6C1B8324FF.jpeg 55E28343-0F04-4A72-A43B-50FBFC27B6C1.jpeg


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Yep Phil, that’s the old 27 Speedster you guys saw. I’ll post an interesting story about that car later.

On the digger, it’s a 1964 LWB Logghe chassis with a blown and injected Chebby, AF/D. Converted it from alcohol to gas. I drive it around here a little, kind of makes a lot of noise:). Use to mess with those in the 60’s, dangerous stuff:):):):).

63 dream'n

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Saw one recently for sale I believe it was on eBay that looked exactly like that
.......Maybe it was on this website I don’t remember...Either way it’s beautiful
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