3362s AFB


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3362s --3804 AFB
This poses an interesting question
Why are the 3362s AFb so rare since they where produced from 62 to late 63 before being replaced by 3804 in 64
seems that the 3804 are easier to get than the 3362s
I have 2 sets of 2x4 with the 3804 as primary, one that I was able to put together and 1 that came off the QB motor I'm building that was pretty much stock with only the 3804 being different
I also am looking for a 3362s rebuilt or a good rebuildable core


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Same part number, 3815404 and same casting numbers for airhorn, 6-1518 and bowl 0-1481 per our esteemed fellow member Alan Colvin's great tech pub. Doesn't necessarily mean they are identical though as castings can be changed without changing number.

1958 delivery

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Can't be seen with air cleaner on. The change should be reflected by the date. So wrong casting shape will probably be wrong date also IF that's what one is interested in.


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This is why I like this forum getting info I wasn't expecting such as the difference in the air horns in 62 and 63
I have another question date codes on the AFB's I have ,both are 3361s one has B8B and the other has BA6

dakota tom

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I've seen 3361/3804s on small block, Pontiac, Ford FE intakes. Wasn't as much aftermarket back when so you went to the Chevy dealer and bought some 409 carbs for your hot rod.
I have the set of 3361/3362 on my 62 and 4 sets of 3361/3804 around.
Two of them have 1965 dates.