348-409 2004 2014 National Conventions DVD's

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Just like the title says...I had both Conventions video taped. Each one has it's own DVD.

Convention #1 was a static display on a hotel parking lot and on the last day, we used the parking lot at the Expo Center for our car show and evening banquet. Lots of pictures of all the cars and the attendees of the banquet.
Video interviews with Hayden Proffitt, Rusty Summes, Don Fezell, Randy Delesio and others. Honestly...can't remember them all.
If I remember right, this video lasts an hour and a half. We had 5 REAL Z-11 cars on display!!!!!!

Convention #2 was held the the Great Bend, KS drag strip....right where the NHRA held their first National event in 1955!!! And 3 days of drag racing!!!!!
Interviews with Hayden Proffitt, Pat Lobb, Tommy Nolen, Doug Marion, Larry Barnes and others.
The opening of the DVD shows the Mustard 59 Biscayne BLOWN 409 doing a burnout!!!!! Have quite a few of our members from the forum that attended. Not going to start listing names but don't want to leave anyone out. Also pictures of our Sunday brunch before the races on Sunday. This was the whole enchilada!!!!!! Lots of drag racing action with Hayden presenting the trophies to the winners and runner-ups.
I have to acknowledge a Special Thank You to Dick Mackenzie for flying to KC and going with me to meet the track personnel to set this race up!!!!! Believe this video is close to 2 1/2 hours in length.

I only have about 15 DVD's of the 2004 Convention left...about 30-35 of 2014.
2004 & 2014 DVD $50 shipped Priority Mail.
2014 DVD $35 shipped Priority Mail.

For a lot of new members...get to see all the fun we've had in the past!!!!


NEW PRICE......$40 for both!!! $25 for the 2014 Convention.
Just trying to clean out the basement!!!!!
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Phil Reed

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PRICE REDUCTION!!!! Like I said in the original posting....just trying to clean out my basement.
Providing these DVD's was expensive but it was something I felt was needed. To have the video crew in Great Bend was $3500, plus the editing and production costs. I furnished them motel rooms.
I've hoarded a lot of 409 stuff and just don't want to leave it to my 2 daughters. Adoption of some of you is out of the question!!!!!

NEW PRICE.......$40 for both or $25 for the 2014.
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