348/409 Eliminators Future

La Hot Rods

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I thought we should have a discussion thread about where we will go. Or maybe knot? :dunno

Anyway, sounds like BG is out, so my thinking is why does it have to be at a track during some big event, cant we just find a track that is a good location for the ones that want to race. Then pick a weekend that the track doesn't have much going on and just ask for two staging lanes. And don't want any money from the track, everyone pays to use their race track, or should say race, but you know what I meant. If we want to race for money then we can put up are own money in a pot. Maybe beet the bushes for some donations.
Then we could just have some fun for a weekend.
You could set up a race if wanted but everyone could still run their cars if they want or need more test and tune time.
Then you could have grudge races in cars or on foot, maybe mine bikes and golf karts. :crazy

I am sure most of you know what I go through to show up so don't count me out. :)

Just my 10 cents worth.



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I went to Thompson twice. It was fun but always linked with another big event & we really didn't get to run that many times. I agree with James. A event mainly featuring 348-409's & not during a major event at wherever place we pick. Hopefully somewhere available to us who are further west & can travel the distance. The 10 year reunion was great & a good location. Only took me about 2 days travel. Tri state in Iowa is a great place & good track. Maybe Iowa Dave could look into something there. Isn't it about time for a 15 year reunion! My 2 cents. Thanks.


La Hot Rods

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Dick, I like the sound of that.
The idea of home tracks of some of are fallen members for a race or just to have fun.
I am not a big fan of bracket racing, only do it when I have to.

Mark Steele

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Let's not make it a memorial race. Let's just have fun & race with our friends. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone

I just got in from the garage. I just completed adjusting the valves, putting new sparks in, along with a new fuel pressure gauge. This stuff was no big deal! But the secret weapon is between the two rear tires. Golden Girl is going to be real different the next time you see her FFAASSST! While working on the car I was thinking--- The group is going through a change. We are all getting older. For me I got into this thing a way to late, and regretfully a lot to late to have known and raced with some of the guys that have gone on and retired. So I think it would be good that as we get together, we focus on "Remembering". We could work on getting the older men to come out mingle with us. It could be a real great time. We could race like crazy while honoring those guys that got this thing going for us. As for the location, we could put together a map grid to make sure we know where the guys live that participate in our races and then make a track selection. It's really too bad that some of our great regulars live out on edges of our region. I'm sure you racers are going to come up with a great track. Mark