348 409 Speed-Port Intake, Machined & Installed !

what a ride
Whatever a person thinks it'll cost, multiply that by 2.
However long a person thinks it'll take... multiply that by 5 ! ! :eek
After a solid 50-60 hours of designing and manufacturing jigs, fixtures and templates... I FINALLY got through the process. What is rewarding about it... is that it seems that my actual machining time on the manifold, was less than 3 hours. Main thing, it's competely repeatable.... sort of like a manual CNC program.
The fit is great... I'm very happy with that. Just a couple VERY minor alteration instructions to give to my pattern maker, and they will do the first run of castings in short order.

A few photos:

The "battle scars" are from this poor casting being tossed about a little ! Used it for setting up the fixtures, while drilling and welding.

Everything machined and fit. The carburetor base was machined at the proper angle, down enough to allow the use of a stock air cleaner. However, I don't think this is how it will end up. Testing next week, will be done wih a 1/2" spacer installed.

Close up, showing contour and alignment.

Yes, the factory type PCV provision..... wait till you see my unconventional approach to the lifter valley baffle:deal

What it'll look like, when you open the hood.

I did a very small amount of trimming at the runner outlets, which has been passed on to the pattern maker.
Thank YOU, guys... very much.
Yes, definitely feeling alot better about it now.

About this upcoming dyno testing...
I decided to re-do the valves seats on these heads. Didn't like how the valves were at such varying heights.
Anyhow, I ended up ordering a full set of new Manley valves for them. This weekend, I'm off to Calgary to get the seats machined evenly. I'll get the engine back together as soon as I can.
Initially, I'm going to run my intake, and take the car out for a drive, to get a "feel" of it. With my 4300+ pound station wagon, any unacceptable low end throttle response issues will show up instantly. The car has a 2.64 1st gear Super T10... with 3.08 rear gear:eek. I may do something about that:rub... perhaps 3.55's :rub
I'll get video of the first ride ( the car will have open headers with 10" extensions on them:deal... and post it, hopefully by mid next week.
A "proud parent" ?
When I set this thing on the engine, with gaskets in place, and all those bolts spun down wih my fingers... and I held a light down the runners, and looked how they mated with the ports in the heads, like it was all one piece...
yeah... I guess it WAS something like that:dance

Hey, While I'm sending finally instructions for my pattern maker, maybe you guys could offer your opinion on this ?....
This last casting, without my knowing, they removed the "groove" along the top of the runners.
I prefer to have it there.
Here's a photo showing the difference:

Even if it doesn't work.... I need it to look good:p

You can PM me if you prefer

Dick MacKenzie

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Looks good either way Aubrey! I kinda like it without the grove (maybe it's just the way the light reflects off the manifold on the right). I don't think I'd spend more money with the guy making the castings to get it back. JMHO