IL 348 Engine parts or complete motor

I just finished freshening up a 61-348 Engine only to discover it had a crack in the block. I will sell the complete engine or part it out. I have a rebuilt set of 3-2"s, right hand fuel delivery, includes manifold and Speedway progressive linkage, 4Bbl. intake and AFB" truck version" ,new Polished Alum. water pump, New 340 HP/ 409 Pro Comp. Cam and Rev. Lifters, Crank, rods, bearings and pistons all look great.( the engine only had 12,000 original miles on it.) New Speedway Flame Thrower distributor and Pro Comp PC-91 Coil. I also have a complete truck manual shift conversion, Bell Housing, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, adapter plate. Will sell all or part 618-779-2285 for questions. $2400. takes it all.
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Thanks for the input guys. I am aware of the sleeve and welding methods of repair but don't want to go down the road for my Apache build. only because I have an old 496 engine with zero miles setting in my back shed and it is easier to just put a new set of gaskets in it and change to carburate manifold. I hope to get most of my money back from the performance parts sale. If not in this group, I will put then on ebay next. I would think somebody would want the 3-2's set up cause it is a bolt on ready to go unit, with new linkage and carbs rebuilt.