348 oiling problem

I have a 59 348. Having a problem getting oil to the rockers. Oil pressure gauge is 40-60 psi, distributor is for a 348. No oil to the rockers. I have only had it running about a minute at a time , several times. I primed the motor prior to starting. I mention the distributor because I was told when I purchased the engine that if I was going to use a HEI type distributor that I would need to get the bushing to install. Just curious if im missing something before I tear this thing apart....... I would think oil comes up the back of the engine and goes into the hole towards the lifters, brings the oil forward as long as the distributor is in place ?? Any input ? Thanks
Not sure of the brand of distributor, its a electronic . I checked the size compared to a sbc and the raised areas of the distributor towards the gear are larger and it has two holes in the distributor for oil passage unlike a sbc


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I don't think running it a minute at a time is enough ! And chances are if rear cam bearing was in wrong you would at least have oil to 1 side of rockers unless they completely f ed up so like said above get the correct priming tool from show cars automotive and spin the shit out of it while occasionally turn motor over.


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Also put a gauge on the front oil pressure port. I just went through this exact thing with my 409. Car showed 60 psi on the gauge inside the car. No oil to the passenger side head. Put a gauge on the front port and while the gauge inside read 60, the front one read zero. Rear cam bearing incorrectly installed. The port in question is right below my temperature gauge bulb on the intake.


Curious, does someone know of someone that sells a priming tool for a 348 ? Havent been able to find one. Show cars has the adapter for the sbc distributor , thought about buying one of those and use it with the priming tool I have but its $80 plus shipping.