348 Tri-Power Heater Hose Connector


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At some time in my 59 Impala's past, this hose connector (circled in yellow) was installed on the intake by someone, for who knows what reason.
Has anyone seen one of these as an OEM replacement or actually come off the assembly line with it?
I'm thinking it's aftermarket.
This car is a late July 59 build (60th birthday soon!)
I was under the impression it should have come with the style in the second pic.

Standard OEM Style like this .... I think is all that was ever available from Chevy.

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Thanks Phil.
The orange one that's on it looks sleek and slender... probably what the PO was going for.
After seeing the close-up picture, it kinda looks like it was hand made or at least hand ground.

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The heater hose bypass was probably replaced because the bypass hose kept slipping off of the nipple...quite ingenious to come up with the plumbing tee idea. You will notice the OEM bypass nipple has no lip to help keep the hose on. I have a 348 3x2 and it doesn't matter how tight I get the clamp, pressure builds up and blows the hose off spraying water all over my engine compartment. I would appreciate any suggestions on the cause or how to remedy this with the OEM bypass because I can't drive the car like this. I first thought my heater core might be plugged up but I bypassed the heater and it still blows off.


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Depending on the metal of the original, weld or JB cold weld a bead towards the end. Or if you can find something small enough to create a bead like when bead rolling other tubes. The other thought I had was pull out that nipple and find something similar with a bead or what ever they call those ends for hoses, that are threaded in brass and tap that bypass and screw it in.