348 Tri power.

Jim Sullivan

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Speaking of 3x2's what would be a fair price for a 59 air cleaner with no rust in the bottom,all retaining brackets and top stud intact,top with 1 minor edge dent,short snorkel with some trumpet denting and long snorkel smashed down one side to about 1/2 of original height but definitely repairable?
Also the air splitters at the snorkel entrance to the base are intact.
P.S. Is the top lid smaller diameter than the top hole on the base?Doesn't the filter have a flange on top that it seals against? View attachment 72319 View attachment 72320
Yes, the lid is smaller than the top opening and the rubber flange on the filter seals to the housing and the lid seals against the filter just as you noted.


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I just found out that show cars offers 2 air cleaners 1 for ~550 and another for just under 1100,so would the one I'm looking at be a decent buy at around 275 or 550?He's asking 500 is that too much?Also this one has retaining brackets on all 3 holes whereas the pics I've seen of the repros only have 1 were there variations?