4 speed Column Help


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A friend has just finished restoring his 63 Impala, and is having trouble tearing up the
grease fitting boot and shoes on his upper shaft. His shaft measures 21" 1/4 from the
steering box to the special "C" clip that goes around the rubber boot. He thinks that the shaft is off by about 1/2", making something move and bust up the inner metal seal around
the 2 shoes. He's measured mine and its 21 1/4", I have had the same problem but it
was fixed with buying a new rubber boot with better inner metal seal's. He has rebuilt
4 -62 and 63 columns so he does know something about them.

Im not a mechanic, so my descriptions are not the best, but he is really at the point
of not knowing what to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cash.