409 340hp parts

I have a 3:40 horse QC coded block. Has been magnafluxed , cleaned .060 overbore have the Pistons and rods that come out of the block. Has been checked. Maximum taper .0015 . .006 maximum clearance between piston and cylinder. Pistons and rods excellent condition Crankshaft .010 R .010 M has been checked polished ready to assemble $3000.00
Also have for sale oil pan, timing cover, oil pump, balancer, camshaft and lifters
everything is in excellent condition
everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed Herbert 402-429-2050 call or text have lots of pictures


Don Jacks

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Not a bad price,in my opinion. I would replace those cast pistons as .006 p/w is way too loose[cast pistons usually set up at .0015-.002].At .005-.006 they'll rattle,and the rings won't last very long.