409 340hp parts


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I have a 3:40 horse QC coded block. Has been magnafluxed , cleaned .060 overbore have the Pistons and rods that come out of the block. Has been checked. Maximum taper .0015 . .006 maximum clearance between piston and cylinder. Pistons and rods excellent condition Crankshaft .010 R .010 M has been checked polished ready to assemble $3000.00
Also have for sale oil pan, timing cover, oil pump, balancer, camshaft and lifters
everything is in excellent condition
everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed Herbert 402-429-2050 call or text have lots of pictures


Don Jacks

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Not a bad price,in my opinion. I would replace those cast pistons as .006 p/w is way too loose[cast pistons usually set up at .0015-.002].At .005-.006 they'll rattle,and the rings won't last very long.


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Do you have exhaust manifold for passenger side?
Good luck with finding a good 2.5" RH side. What I did was hogged out a 2" with the die grinder and made ours a 2.5, worked great and is on the car now. Hell I could not even get people to sell me the broken ones so I could weld them up and use that.


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As luck would have it I found a nice condition correct passenger manifold.
Funny story one of the guys I talked to along the way said he had 11of the driver side manifolds and could never find or buy any of the passenger side. He said he sold all the drivers side manifolds and his son was at a buddy's house and stubbed his toe on something where an old barn had been. It was a passenger side manifold. He also said they dug up the area looking for other parts. Crazy