409 Crank


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Going through some stuff today and I found another 409 crank. Pretty sure I’m not gonna build four more 380’s so I thought I would make an official for sale post. As best as I can tell with my cheap calipers it’s still standard. The rust on the journals and throws is not heavy, it almost wipes off with lacquer thinner on a rag. I would prefer not to ship these, I would be happy to drive a reasonable distance to meet someone if nessesary.
I’m asking $200.00 for it as is. Please let me know if there’s any other pictures or details I can provide.
4690A779-8B3B-4490-BC9A-88E2132D0158.jpeg 9629D82C-39B9-4AF3-BFBD-63710AD2F104.jpeg 11AC9585-77FC-4682-91DF-72BBC3CB9CD4.jpeg E3B60CA2-5395-4BFF-A9E8-4D11D2BD6FD2.jpeg A28DA0D2-280D-45E5-8308-D070FE0B8940.jpeg 4690A779-8B3B-4490-BC9A-88E2132D0158.jpeg


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Bet then again the price is right especially when I can't find anything around here and technically I need 3 cranks, 1 for my newest 409 block I just bought and I am going to try a couple 380 set ups when my 2 348 blocks come back from the machine shop.