409 Engine and '61 Impala Stuff

Hello All,

I am a new member. I was in the old car hobby years ago when I lived in Dayton, Ohio. Now I live in northern New York, about 90 miles north of Syracuse. Over the course of about 20 years I owned, nine 1961 Chevies...a '62, a 63, a '66 and a host of other cars. They are all gone now.

I have a serious health issue facing me and I am considering selling off the stuff that I kept to build 'one more car'...I don't think that it is going to happen.

The asking prices for both cars and 'stuff' seems to have increased A LOT since I got out of the old car hobby so I'm kind of looking to this group for some 'ballpark' figures for these items.

I have:

1963 409 340 HP engine...QG code (I kinda forget ?) originally was mated to a Powerglide. Small valve heads...currently has a tri-power intake on it. It has 1960 '348' 2-1/2" exhaust manifolds and a dual point, no vacuum advance distributor. A Lakewood bellhousing and mated to a 1961 wide ratio cast iron T-10. It has a Hurst shifter. I also have the original cast iron 4 barrel intake with a Rochester Carb and another tri-power intake with 3 re-built carbs on it (although re-built probably 20 years ago now). I have a dual snorkel air cleaner which I believe came with a Carter 4 barrel (?). I do not have the Carter carburetor.

This motor was running in a '61 Impala when I pulled it in about 1993 (?)

I have oiled the cylinders and turn it over occasionally...it is not locked up but I would freshen it up before I ever put it back in another car...The oil pan has been modified (to fit in a 1969 Chevelle) but I have another oil pan.

A 1961 4 speed steering column, red, with steering wheel.

Four original 1961 'SS' hubcaps in various conditions.

Two 1961 standard hubcaps with original 1961 'SS' spinners installed into them.

Four standard 1961 Impala hubcaps.

An original 1961 'SS' floor shifter plate in kind of beat up condition.

A 1961 / 1962 'SS' grab bar but without the mounting plate.

An entire 1961 Dashboard assembly, red.

A couple or maybe 3 1960's Sun tachs...but not OEM tachs...over the counter kinds and with reproduction faces and a reproduction tach mounting bracket.

Two or 3 Sun sending units for the tachs.

An original 1961 'SS' side badge and trunk badge in pitted condition.

A set of 3 new, never used, reproduction 1961 'SS' emblems.

A 1961 front bumper, rechromed but it has been wrapped in plastic for probably 20 years and I have no idea whether the plating is any good any more.

A radiator support in good condition.

A 1964 (?) 'P' case differential in poor condition...the positraction unit has been removed...3.08 gears.

A '4' series non 'P' case differential with 3:70 gears and a loose positraction unit for reassembly as a positraction differential.

An engine hoist.

A pair of M & H Racemaster drag slicks on 15 inch wheels but in kind of beat up condition.

And probably other stuff that I have forgotten...

I'm interested in any information on current pricing on these items that anyone can offer and if I decide to sell, I'd like to sell it all as a lump sum...bring a truck and maybe a trailer and buy it all. I don't want to ship anything...as I said, I'm about 90 miles north of Syracuse.

Please either reply to this post or e-mail me privately: tharruff@ gmail.com


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Welcome, tharruff . I am sorry, to hear of your health problem.:( I hope, you do well.:clap Can I get some info. on the 64 Posi case? Picture's also ? Thank You.:appl

Tom Kochtanek

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Sorry to learn of your situation, we appreciate that you came to this Forum to seek advise. I suspect that together in concert we can help you identify some value for the items you have listed. Being an enthusiast of the 1961 builds, I could be interested in some or all of what you have to offer. The hard part is assessing things at a distance :).



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ide be interested in the 340hp engine. my dad wants to do a swap in his 63 ragtop, possibly a few more things
im in mass
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Tom Evers...Douglas, Mass is about a 6 hour drive...would likely turn into an overnighter for you...or a LONG day...as I said, I really want all this to go as a lot...you're welcome to bring a truck and a trailer and make the trip...


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well last trip to Ithica we left at 2am, and drove through a ice storm, and got there by 9. loaded the truck, and were home and unloaded by 5( with some screwing off on the way home) Ill e-mail you about what you have.



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Not sure any of these parts are still available or not. I understand and respect your desire to sell all as a complete lot, but speaking just for myself, I don't want everything. I see a few pieces I have an interest in but certainly not everything. If you get enough members who have an interest in some of the different parts, it all might eventually go which is your objective. Just trying to be helpful. Best wishes with your sale, Carmine.
Now it is 3 plus years later since my first post and I did not die...(colon cancer...three abdominal surgeries...sepsis in my abdominal cavity...emergency surgery...ileostomy...chemo...recovery) and I am pretty much getting myself back together now...a long haul.

I'm getting a 1968 Oldsmobile (long story that I am not going to go through here) and I'm once again thinking about moving my 61 Chevy stuff and the 409 engine along to a new owner.

For starters, can anyone give me a current ballpark value of a 1963 409 / QG code / 340 HP engine ?

It was running when pulled...it is not locked up...I know what I paid for it in 1983.

Feel free to reply via e-mail: tharruff(at)gmail(dot)com (or here if you like)