409 engine in IL for sale

yellow wagon

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I have a welded 409 truck block here that I have had for years that I got for $200 LOL. Crusty but still. Can't see this stuff being worth anywhere near his asking price


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MAYBE $1400 on the right day to the right person if the date codes are brother and sister for a restoration. The value on them really tanked when edelbrock came out with theirs. To me the block isn't worth more than $300 bucks. I know there are people out there that would pay more for a block like that because I've seen it but, I also think a fool and his money are soon parted.

yellow wagon

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I agree with Dan. The block just isn't worth much. The heads aren't worth all that much either now like Dan mentioned. Only reason to run the 690s is if you want to do a restoration or if you have them already. I missed a pair at Iola for $800. So in total I don't think this bundle is worth more than $1300-1500