409 headers for dragster


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A friend of mine is co-owners of 2 FED's (I still call them slingshots). One with a Mopar big block and one with a Buick 455. Neither one of them have "race" engine builds, just good performance street/strip style builds. They both run in the mid to high 5's in the eighth mile last I heard. They were about to add an Anglia body to one of them a few months back. Anglia's are cool, but I liked the look of the old dragsters without a body better.

Howard Hull

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I did high temp white paint on headers, like we did back in the 60's'
This is the solid motor mount I made from a broken 348 engine mount.
One of my best fines was a Chevy to Ford adapter steel scatter shield , and and in-n- out box.
The last pictures are what I need. this is off a truck intake manifold , the rear vent, What I need is the rubber grommet. What do you have? I like this set up because I only need a small tube to exit the vent.
There labeled baby peacocks b/c I took pictures of my wife's peacocks.


We made. A set of headers for my 57' B
I am putting my first 409 in a 1960 era dragster. Have been working on the weed burner exhaust pipes. bought the 3/8" flanges off Ebay, and now making a round exhaust pipe fit in a square hole. I am using the six Stomberg 97 carbs from my Buick engine, so transfering over to 409 manifold and redoing linkage and gas lines. View attachment 24984 View attachment 24985 View attachment 24986 View attachment 24987 View attachment 24988 View attachment 24989