409 headers.


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Currently have some old school long tube Mickey Thompson headers that I got with the car. The engine had a remote oil filter before I pulled it to go through it. Not sure if the stock oil filter will fit when I’m finished so.... trying to think ahead.


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Mark Wilson did a lot of research with the headers on a number of cars, to get them to fit.
They will fit and I am sure that you don’t need a remote oil filter...
Mine 2” set for my 62 SS 409 stroker motor, will arrive from Jet Hot in less than 3 weeks. Mark sent them to Jet Hot so I did not have to ship them twice.


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Looking for a good long tube header for my 62’ 409. Any information is appreciated.
Headers For our cars is always an interesting topic for me.. I have seen the Wilson Headers mentioned above on several cars.... I wish they were available when I was shopping for headers. I will be buying a set in the future for my next revamp...:brow


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I have never seen a set of headers fit better than the Wilson's period!!! I have the 2" and still use the big ole stock oil filter canister. I have had many sets of headers that I had to beat the crap out of worst being the Hookers on my kids 62 with a 454 and their conversion headers!