409 Impala gas lines

Don Jacks

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No,if the 327 had dual exhaust,it shouldn't be.While most 250 horse cars had dual exhaust,it was optional.It's the type of exhaust system that determined the fuel line routing.
The PO of my 63 Impala 425 hp, just discovered, threw in a new rubber fuel line when he changed out the old fuel tank. It was happily rubbing against the driveshaft. The original metal line is still there do you suppose I can clean out the old lines, while they are still installed and just reuse them? What would you use to clean it out?
Thank you. I’ll have the driveshaft out later this afternoon and will take action accordingly. Do I recall that there are challenges in changing that line from the tank to the engine compartment, or is it very straightforward?

Every time I do something, I find more things that were done in a way we might have done way back in high school, rather than the correct way In a journeyman-like manner. Almost always there is a good reason the engineers designed it the way they did. (Sometimes not though, or sometimes they were just wrong)

40 years of being a Factory Service Rep did change my tolerance for Mickey Mousing things. Went from really high to ZERO.



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Factory 327 and 409 -3/8 inch fuel lines are 3 piece lines with rubber hoses between the sections. All 283's and 6 cylinder cars had 5/16 one piece fuel lines that ran on the outside of the x frame.
The 3/8 inch factory gas lines run through the X frame ( 2 rubber grommets go on the factory frame holes that are already on the frame). The 3/8 inch lines are designed to run around the shock tower under the upper A frame
There are 2 clamps used to hold the line - 2 by the upper A frame and one for the end by the gas tank(that one shoud already be in place).
Their where factory rubber line connections at the gas tank and from the end of the fuel line by the front A frame to the fuel pump. These connections were used on both 5/16" and 3/8" factory fuel lines on the frame. These connections are in addition to the 2 rubber hoses and clamps that join the 3 sections of gas line together.
I have pictures of the factory routing if you would like to see them from one of my restorations.

After having installed 5 sets of 3/8 inch lines on my restorations over the years, I personally think that prebent fuel lines and in stainless (so they never rust) are the best way to go. The prebent lines almost fall in place. You should get new gas line mounting set for the frame(they mount the brake lines also(unless you can save the original mounting clips on frame).

I have all my 409 and 327 cars run through the frame as the factory did. They are not drag race cars but have heavy duty driveshaft items.


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I was never a big believer in prebent lines. I thought they were over priced and wanted to bend my own anyway. When I put the 409 in my '62, I decided to give the prebent ones a try. Best thing I ever did. Totally agree with Paul. The fit was very good. Only had to tweak one a slight bit. The only way to go, Carmine.
What great input and knowledge - thank you all. The driveshaft is out now, and the trans is coming out tomorrow, so there couldn’t be a better time to address the concern. My inclination is to use the prebent lines through the x-frame, just because I kinda like ‘original’.... but if it is a nightmare to replace, I’ll change the rubber hose installed now over to steel braided aircraft type line and run it along the frame.

And tomorrow I will figure out what the PO did with the return line. It is 1/4” and routed along the frame, right? Or is it in the frame too? I think Phil said it terminates in the fuel gauge sending unit, which I did see today while screwing around with the rear ujoints .


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And I would love to see your pictures of the factory routing, Paul!
Here you go. Without the transmission I think the gas line through the X frame will go right in. The section through the frame straight.
This is a 62 SS convertible frame (same as Hardtop frame extra for plates on the top of the frame). These are prebent 3/8 inch stainless brake lines from Inline Tube or Right Stuff in Ohio. I don't have a picture of the gas line installed before without the upper A frame was installed.

62 SS convert frame 001.jpg 62 SS convert frame 002.jpg 62 SS convert frame 003.jpg 62 SS convert frame 004.jpg 62 SS convert frame 016.jpg DSCN8934.JPG
Amazing! Thank you very much, Paul. The pictures of your beautiful restoration make the task very clear. The view from underneath my car on jack stands, with the body in place and 50 years crud on the frame leaves a lot to be desired. Your help is huge, thank you again. It was really nice of you to go to this trouble, and it is appreciated. Everything is now in perspective.


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Wow I never remember the line going through the driveshaft tunnel! I know when I raced my 64 in '72 IHRA made me reroute the lines near the scattershield on the outside of the frame. My 64 project will sure get them outside it!