409 part recommendations

Have been thinking of converting my distributor in my 63 409-425 hp to a electronic version to eliminate the points. My question is will the stock dash tach still work acurrate. I have a friend that converted his 327-300 hp distributor andis very leased with it. I like the idea of retaining the original distributor housing.


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I have a extra 348 distributor( I think it’s a 348). I am not sure if it’s a 348 or 409 distributor as I don’t remember the differences oil tube ? I had all my 409 distributors redone by a local guy with a Sun Distriutor machine , never paid more than $50 + the new parts.

Don Jacks

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Mechanicly there's no difference,just in the way they're curved.If you want the best out of it,performance as well as mileage wise,then especially when you're using a modern aftermarket cam,those distributors need to be curved properly.


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Quick question about the flywheel. I believe that the 1963 impala regardless of what motor it had in it had a 10.4" flywheel? How many teeth are those supposed to have and will the starter work with a 168 and a 153 tooth flywheel. lastly, is there a reason to go with an 11" and will there be any clearance issues. Thank you