409 parts for sale

charlie rogers

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hey guys, cleaning up garage and thought it is time to move some stuff along. all parts are from same 1965 6200 original mile truck engine. when I tore it down it was like new!
1 set of gm 409 cylinder head bolts $50
1 set {pair} 409 333 truck heads $100
1 set {8} gm 409 rods with pistons {pistons show virtually no wear!} $125
1 gm 409 crankshaft std/std does not need to be cut. does not even need to be polished its that nice! $375
PLUS SHIPPING! you will pay actual I will not add anything to it.


charlie rogers

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I guess I might as make you guys really cry, in my little tantrum I also threw out 2 sets of oval port bbc heads, 3 older holleys, 2 sets of 409 valve covers {not chrome} a bare 454 block, 396 cast crank and a 454 steel crank, 327 shortblock, 350 4 bolt bare block! was gonna use and build all of these someday {15 years sitting around taking up space} bla, bla, bla,

Tom Kochtanek

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James will testify that I seem to never throw anything away :). I just keep moving stuff from place to place.

I use 2" exhaust manifolds for door stops and cracked blocks, heads and intakes for mailboxes :).

I do need to pare down some of the larger body parts I've carved off of various cars over the years, but that stuff is sitting outside for now.

Bummer that you got the urge to purge, but I get it...


charlie rogers

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ya know, I am 49 years old and happened to get a virus that went to my heart about 2 1/2 years ago and now have congestive heart failure. now I am exhausted after 1 hour of work. kinda like being a 90 year old, anyway I know now life is waaaay to short to sweat all the small stuff!!! there is no guaranteed tomorrows. I am living for today.


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Wow! So sad. Didn’t even know you had 409 covers. I would have taken those. Pictures are worth a thousand words. At least give a timeframe when you will throw it all out. Some of us can’t check the forum every day and I’ve learned being on this site no matter how invaluable you think something is there is somebody that needs or wants it for a current or future project. It’s why we are all part of this site because there’s no where else to get it.