409 - Spark plug threads "oily"

Recently changed my spark plugs and found that most of them had a slight coat of oil on the threads as I removed the old ones. Not nearly enough to drip or anything like that...just enough to run the finger across it and tell that it's oil. Does this mean I may have a head gasket issue (gulp)?

Any advice?

Don Jacks

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No,your head gaskets are fine.They can't leak oil there any way.Most likely what you have is a lot of short duration run times.What your experiancing is a result of excess fuel from lack of engine heat for a long enough time for the engine heat to burn it off.This isn't an uncommon complaint.Just make sure you're using good oil and changing it often.

El Rat

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Do you know the history? It’s either a recent overhaul with rings not seated or needs rings, valve seals etc.
Maybe start with a new set of plugs.
Old wires can also be a problem.