ND 409 Stroker Complete or Part Out - Unassembled

Located in Fargo, ND. Can ship any of these items.

All prices are plus shipping.

If you want everything as a package we can talk price.

This is an unassembled 472 Stroker motor that I no longer have a car to have fun with. So condition is of part is listed as well as price and supplier.

Heads are CNC ported and flow amazing. Flow sheets available.

More parts to come in other postings.

Thanks, Bill

Machined $1200 409 Block .030 - Clearanced for4" Stroke - Crack repaired both sides - Pressure tested #3830814
New $400 PRO-Gram 4 bolt main caps
New $125 ARP 4 bolt main stud kit
Used $2000 Ross Full Floating .030 pistons w/GM BBC rods w/GM BBC Crank, balanced assembly w/flexplate and dampner
New $3000 Walden CNC Ported Eddy Aluminum Heads
New $700 Walden 1.8 Rockers
New $750 Comp Cams Hyd Roller Cam w/Comp Cams Hyd Roller Lifters
Used $275 Edelbrock 2x4 Intake
New $10 ARP Flex Bolts
New $375 GM Polished Aluminum Valve Covers
New $475 Stefs Aluminum Oil Pan
New $150 Stefs Oil Pump and pickup
New $125 Double Roller Timing Chain w/Bearing
New $175 Total Seal Piston Rings .030
New $150 Cometic Head Gaskets
New $100 409 Gasket Set
New $15 Oil Pump Shaft
New $45 MSD Dist Gear
New $100 Clevite Race Rod Bearings
New $20 Rear Main Seal
New $5 Oil Pump Stud Kit - ARP
New $20 Intake Bolt Kit - ARP

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Don Jacks

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I'd doubt that FI would give one 25 additional hp,but comparing it to Plumcrazy's engine which has likely a lower compression,a smaller cam,and heads that aren't nearly as good as what you have.,an extra 100 hp is very likely.The 113 lobe seperation would favor the computer for efi,so that makes sense.