409 Valve covers - How to tell if they are original?

Hi all. Wondering if anyone has any insight on how to identify original factory 409 valve covers. I was told the originals had the dimples on top from the spot welds....anything else I can look for that would help distinguish?

Attached are a few photos of my covers. The first one is an example of one of the dimples which are a result of the factory spot weld on the under side (at least, that's what I've been told).

The other is a photo of what appears to be some "creasing" at the corners, in which I wouldn't think you'd find on any reproduction.

Of course, I could be talking out of my ass - thoughts and/or more experienced opinions wanted.


Jim Sullivan

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I'm no expert on valve covers, but the spot welds would be for the drippers and the wrinkling is normal on factory covers. The cheap aftermarket chrome covers do not have the bowtie stamped in them or plug wire retainers. Not sure if there would be any differences on a reproduction.