'58 - 348 Tri Power


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What is the grind on the new cam?? The over rev didn't cause the failure, improper preparation / break in procedure did.The rev limiter is always a good idea.
Hi Don,
So the cam was ok, they measured and it was still to spec. They polished it and installed new lifters, along with a few other things such as seals etc...
If I am reporting properly: The fouling was due to the valve on #6 not opening and pressure causing the oil past the seal. The plunger inside failed causing it to remain in a collapsed state. With misfire to follow and the the tapping sound.
It seems that they hadn't mitigated the issue the first time around and just replaced the push rods that had bent.
I certainly hope I regurgitated the info properly Lol
They performed all the work free of charge.
We also opted for a rev limiter, which was the only item out of pocket along with a pedestal tachometer that will mount on my steering column.
This also allowed me to replace my T5-S10 transmission for a new one that a friend gave me. The current one was giving me issues.
So crossing my fingers that everything will be flawless and I'll finally be able to put some miles on it.