58-64 with 4l80e trans


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Not the only one out there for sure but if you can fab at all you should be able to use this for inspiration to make your own.
http://www.brphotrods.com/products/58-64 B body products/index.html

I will be doing this in a 61 parkwood wagon and trying to decide how I want to handle the speedometer. May convert to mechanical speedo drive several kits out there. Electronic converter, or bite the bullett and use dakota gauges.
I asked a buddy of mine who has a TT LS in his '59. No trimming but his engine sits low. Not sure what happens if I put it behind a 348. Built 700r might be the way to go just in case.


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By chance, are you the one that asked me on Ebay if I make one for this? I said no but I changed my mind and will have in a few weeks
No that was not me , but i may be interested in your cross-member, let me know if its available . I have not made up my mine on transmission change
I am hoping someone will help with my challenge. I have read many posts. Questions are, what flex plate and starter can I run with my 348 and 4l60e one piece housing? Any help would be appreciated.
After I sent the note I realized I had it bass ackward. I spoke with the owner of Bowtie Overdrives and he thought the same with crank shims might work. No one that I have spoken to has actually mated one and I don’t know why.

La Hot Rods

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Don't believe you will need any shims.
Just check the end of the crank to make sure the converter will fit. Some had a bushing sticking out that won't let the converter fit up.

Don Jacks

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If you're running a 409 crank,there's a spot on the flange that will interfere with the crank and keep the flex plate from sitting flat on some flex plates. Show Cars sells just such a part.They also sell shims.Option 3,grind off the offending area[about .060] from the crank flange. Option 3 won't take more than about 5 minutes.


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You may need to shim the flex plate from the crank. My 700r4 convertor was pulling out quite a bit from the pump. While it would have worked, eventually it could break the pump gears. Just check when installing.