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I'm looking for a new fuel tank for my '59 El Camino. Right now, the only source I can find is Rick's Tanks. While I like their reputation and they seem to have solid products, I can't seem to find other re sellers for an El Camino gas tank.

On the upside, if I order from them, they have free shipping.

The only difference that I can tell between the El Camino tank and the rest of the '59 chevy lines is the fill neck. Everything except the El Camino (and probably wagon) seems to have a fill neck from the rear rather than the drivers side.

Any links to other tanks is appreciated.


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I guess I should add the advantage Rick's tanks has, it is designed with fuel injection in mind and makes it easy to use the kind of fuel pump needed to support my build. If I were to go with a stock replacement, I'd need an externally mounted fuel pump.


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Some more searching gave the following results for an OEM style tank (thanks Mike!):

I guess the concern/questions I have/should ask:
How would I deal with a return line - Near as I can tell, the stock replacement sending unit is not setup for a return line:

What fuel pump should I use for the fuel injection?
Does anyone have experience with Holly's HydraMat? Looks like a possible solution to fuel sloshing around and connects directly to a fuel pump:

A concern with this is, can I get the mat, the fuel pump and sending unit into the stock tank replacement?
On the surface, it doesn't look like it.
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Given the fuel requirements for my setup (fuel injection, forced induction, etc), I'm not sure I have a cheap option.
I can use the tanks above and probably their sending unit. However, for a pump, I need something to support to support roughly 725 hp.
FAST offers the following pump setup - https://www.fuelairspark.com/race-i...d-horsepower-up-to-1200-forced-induction.html
which is over kill, but their step down supports up 600hp. It's $830 from Summit.

The pump which comes with the Rick's tank seems pricey. They're showing $500 for a Walbro 450 pump. I'm assuming this will be fully installed (clamped/locked) in the tank with the whole kit. However, I can buy a the pump and kit from Summit for under $120. I doubt though, this would work in the stock replacement tank because that tank isn't designed for an in tank pump.

There has got to be a more cost effective option for an external pump for high HP and EFI needed pressures.
Anyone with ideas or experience?

Don Jacks

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With your set up,this is no place to "cheap out".While I WOULD NOT pay FAST's overly inflated prices either,there has to be something,preferebly in tank that will handle your needs.Just make sure that it will handle 750-800 hp on a blown engine.


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After sleeping on it and a side conversation, I think I'm going to go with the stainless steel tank from Rick's. It's probably more than it would be if I pieced it together, but it is way cheaper than screwing up.

Thanks for everyone' input!


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How would I deal with a return line - Near as I can tell, the stock replacement sending unit is not setup for a return line.
Drill a hole in an un-occupied area of the sender's "lid" or the upper portion of the gas tank. Insert a bulkhead fitting. Done.

I don't remember how much space is present between the top of the tank and the bed floor, but a drop-in retrofit style pump assembly should fit in the tank. You could probably even adapt an OEM bucket type unit to work.
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