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I try to help out the local military veterans shows from time to time. finally had some time, but the pucker factor to go 30 miles to get there was a little tense. And Phil........this was a long trip! Looks like I had the only Z-11 there!:) Only one guy knew what he was looking at. .......but had lots of folks tell me they didn't make a 427 that looked like that........Sometimes you know not to try and explain!!:bore3

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You can drive it here to Tacoma and I will know what it is! Sometimes I hate these boofoons at these car shows! My younger brother is into the VW thing and has a 53 and he had a guy come up opening his engine compartment and opening it too far bending the hinges! I would never trust other people around a set of auluminum fenders!! Beautiful car!!!!

Phil Reed

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Sorry more people couldn't appreciate the rarity of what you were displaying. I noticed you wisely added the aluminum do not touch to the fenders. Incredible car of course. How about a drive to Texas so you and Pat could show them together again????
Come by KC, I know my way to Texas real good!!!!! You can sleep in the back seat and I'll drive!!!!!!
What could go wrong????


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I would have been shitting bricks to have all that aluminum close to spectators without being roped off or armed. Last 2 cruise nights with my buddies we looked over to see a european guy putting his kid into the front seat of one of our cars to let the kid play with the steering wheel ! We told the guy WTF and he seemed surprised. The next week, different place and a rather nice looking younger european lady stuck her kid in another car which was a convertible. Kid broke the armrest off stepping on it. We told this lady WTF and she actually got an attitude and there were no signs saying she could not do that. Made a police report. Told her to screw off. Now we guard the damn cars and watch for europeans ! Lol