61 biscayne build

Dean's 61 bubble

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just acquired 61 biscayne for my 409 convention engine purchase. Will be a good complement to my bubbletop and stationwagon. Will run a super T-10 and probably a 9 in. After getting the dyno sheets from Tony Shaffer... biscayne should be a FUN ride.. Now with 3 body styles wish i could afford a vert like had coming out of the navy. The biscayne is a 58,000 mi. 6 cyl. stick rust free ca. 1 piece bumper car. Should make for a nice build. Will keep you posted. Thanks, Dean



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Is that the patina'd Biscayne that was on Ebay recently? Looks like a cool find either way. Can never have too many 61's in my opinion. :cool: That thing is going to scoot right along with the Convention stroker in it. Looking forward to following the build.

Dean's 61 bubble

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Actually spotted the Biscayne on craigs list a couple mo. ago and after my deal fell through on the other car, i found out he still had it. The convention 409 dynoed 573 hp. and over 500 ft. lbs. from 3900(test printout started at 3900 rpm) to 6000 rpm. I don't plan on immediately restoring the car (my friends all say, RIIIIGHT) just get the drive train in a dressed out engine compartment. I AM curious of all your recommendations for a rear-end. This will primarily be a street car anyway. Anyone setting up a 12 bolt housing for these big 61's. I know they are for 9 in fords. Also was considering a Dana 60, but again wondering if anyone has jigged a housing for 61 Chevs. Thanks for your comments and any help. Also would like to say how much i enjoyed Great Bend and getting to meet some wonderful people. Phil put on a heluva show. Dean


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That engine is going to make that 61 fly!
DTS makes a 12 bolt that drops in. The only thing is, get one with a stock style stamped steel cover. If you opt for the thicker aluminum cover with the bearing cap support, you have to space out the panhard bar.
I think both Currie and Mosier make 9" rearends that drop in.
I don't know of anybody doing a Dana 60.

If you decide to upgrade the driveshaft,Inland Empire makes a heavy duty two piece driveshaft for these cars.

Phil Reed

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Thanks for the kind words Dean!!
I have a 12-bolt all ready to go. Narrowed 12-bolt, 4 link, slapper bars, Mark Williams axles, 4:10 posi and has the aluminum reinforcing cover and bearing cap support. Was in a customer's car that I took in trade. Was saving it for my 63 but since that's gone...it's time to go. Also included is the 1-piece driveshaft that it used.
Give me a call and come up and see it sometime.

Tom Kochtanek

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Dean, I like that one! You should clear coat it and leave that patina in place :).

You sure are covering the bases with all those '61s!



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I'm with Tom on the patina idea. :beer

With that engine that car would make for a perfect street/strip setup.
With 4.11 gears and some good street legal drag radials, I'll bet you could comfortably run in the elevens.
Any quicker than 11.50 and you need a roll bar and a bunch of extra safety equipment.
No mater if you run it at the track or not, it's going to be a blast to drive.