62 biscayne 409 project

Tom Kochtanek

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Remember a dozen years ago when we "plated" a few pieces using those three different rattle cans from Eastwood in the attempt to duplicate the color of the plating for my 1962 SS? I think I still might have some of that laying around. I'm guessing it's beyond use, but I'll check. I did mine for the Biscayne in plain jane aluminum...

La Hot Rods

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I do remember that, it was kinda tricky to pull of the fake look.
Haven't picked the colors yet.
Black with silver springs
Silver with black springs
Black on black
Silver on silver
Antique bronze with black springs
the options are endless.


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I have for over 15 years, used a brake tool to remove the springs from my 1962 Chevy hinges and to reinstall the springs
( The tool I use is the one used to install the springs on brake shoes).

For removal the longer hinge support brace is clamped in my vise and then using a hammer and the brake tool I remove the spring by pulling the spring by prying it out and pounding it past the attachment on the hinge.
For reinstalling the springs on the restored hinges ( mine are zinc plated gold) I again clamp the hinge in my vise with a protective rag. I put the brake tool on the upper hinge mount and pry the spring far enough that the spring slides onto the mount( lots of noise and the brake tool needs to stay on the hinge).
I have removed at least 20 sets of 62 springs and 3 sets of 61 springs by the method noted.
i have reinstalled at least 18 sets of springs on restored zinc plated 61 & 62 hinges.

Too date no hinge springs have gone for a ride in a different direction.......:doh :hide

i actually finish painting the hinge springs( black) on the hinges to make sure paint is on all sides of the springs( after they are bead blasted on the hinges in the open position). Lots of taping off the restored hinges necessary to paint the installed hinge springs black and to keep paint off the zinc plated hinges

All my hinges get new rivets.
I find that over 90 % of used hinges ( I have had over 30 sets)have loose/worn rivets that lead to poor adjustment and hinges that won’t hold the hood up.


Tom Kochtanek

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James notes: "I remember Volvo had a corrugated piece of tin rolled up in the crankcase breather, those would get clogged up with slug and make all the seals leak. "

That actually happened to me once. Maybe 20 plus years ago? Unfortunately we were on vacation in San Antonio with the kids in tow. Literally blew oil all over the freeway until we made it to a shop where we could address the problem... This was days after I had the car serviced and prepped for the trip (James knows Brad and David from Arch's old place).

Don Jacks

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I think a better idea would be to put those 2 little "nubs" in the lifter valley to use.Drill and tap them,make a plate,bend it down slightly kinda in a "v" shape and bolt it to those nubs.This would keep most of the oil that's blown up through the holes in the valley off the bottom of the intake.