62 QB engine on Hemmings


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checkout the link for a bunch more pics

62 409 eng.jpg

This Listing is for an Original Chevrolet passenger car 409 Engine with Original Dual Quad Bare Aluminum Intake, This is a Tonawanda engine, 1962. This is not a truck engine. We believe this engine has very low mileage on it. We pulled it out of a 1962 Avenger flat-bottom race boat. It was running when we pulled it out of the boat and it has been in our garage since then. A breather has been added to the oil pan for marine use. The spark arrestors were also added for marine use. The harmonic balancer measures 7" as it should and has matching numbers. We believe the valve covers are upgrades. We have spoken to an expert in the field of 409 engines and confirmed all the numbers on the engine and confirmed this is a passenger car engine. The throttle linkage is present. There is a dual point distributor. The engine cylinders are fogged, full of oil, and the engine turns freely. The numbers can be seen in the pictures. The most important number on the cylinder deck is: T0424QB.
Not sure if it went straight from the factory to the boat, but it probably did. We believe it is an original bore engine.
The carburetors are Carter.

We do not have the water pump. We do not have the timing chain cover. We do not have the exhaust manifolds.

Decoding the engine number, T0424QB, is fairly straightforward. The first letter represents the manufacturing plant. They only made these in Flint and Tonawanda. This is a Tonawanda engine. The second 2 numbers represent the month of manufacture - this is April. The next 2 digits represent the day of manufacture - the 24th. The final 2 numbers are the engine code. From this engine code, QB, you get the information that this is a 409, 8 cylinder, 425 horsepower, 11.0:1 comp. ratio, 2-4 BC carb, and manual transmission.

This is a cash deal. You are welcome to come and examine the engine. We are not far from Tonawanda. You can fly into Buffalo or Niagara Falls. We are not able to ship this engine. If you want it shipped, you will have to make the arrangements including pick up. Delivery for a fee is a possibility on the east coast if you are willing to wait until we make a road trip.