62 quarter mouldings

Wanted 62 Belair 2 door quarter panel mouldings.I don’t want to spend 3-4 grand on them so any condition even ones from a 4 door if I have to cut and weld them together.


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I think I have a full set of 4 door moldings fenders, all 4 doors and the rear 1/4’s to sell
can’t check until next week.

Phil Reed

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Just want you to know....................I don't have ANY 62 Belair rear quarter moldings!!!!!!!!

Tom Kochtanek

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Found a few random pieces from a 1962 Belair Sport Coupe:

Belair trim1.jpg

The two rear pieces are from the same (driver's) side and have numerous dings. One had hail damage:
Belair ttrim2.jpg

Here's a close up of some of those dings:

Belair trim3 dents.jpg

The third piece is one of the door molding, I forget which side.

Let me know if this is of any interest.

Cheers! TomK