TX 62 SS 409 380 HP


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It almost looks like the whole intake was orange Kevin... It also looks like there might be traces of orange on the generator brace and the idler pulley bracket... I keep looking at these pictures over and over and find this car very appealing.. Doesn’t look too much worse than a typical Ohio car...:hide
61 intakes were painted. If this is an early car it could be the process was carried into 62 production.

Don Jacks

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Mike,yes they did.The 380 and 409 HP engines used the same cam up until sometime in April of 62.The 400 and 425 horse versions used a slightly different cam up until they went to the z-11 grind in early 64 til the end of the 409 production.In other words,there were 3 different cams used in the HP 409's from 62-mid 65.The part numbers are in our data base here on the site.

1958 delivery

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That's right, it was 409 hp in 62. 29 hp due to 2x4 is a long stretch. ,I'll go on record to say that 409 hp and 425 hp were definitely over rated for marketing purposes.

Phil Reed

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Russ....let's go in as partners.......you buy the car and I'll go get it and bring it back to Kansas City!!!!!!!


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Hey, I've got an idea ! :think Why don't you guys "lend" me the money to buy just the motor & trans to put in my 62 SS car, the frames finished and waiting for a matching #'s 409, and I'll even give both of you a "free" ride when its done. :thud cash poor...409