63 Chev rear wagon trim for 2 door sedan delivery


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I got a buddy looking for driver quality parts for his project, he says:

need inner cover that covers guts of tailgate, complete outer crank and bezel for tail gate glass, non power, and left outer cove surround molding from 63 belair or impala station wagon. I could use most tailgate and tail light trim as mine is crappy even for a driver.

Car has a 350 now, he's going to use it as a parts pick up car, driver quality, not show. This is a pic of it from a while back, he's putting it together now near Ottawa Ontario. He started with a 4 door wagon and a 2 door post, it looks pretty well proportioned in the pic?

63 Chev 2 door SD.jpg 63 wagon front.jpg

Greg Reimer

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I think that's pretty outstanding. Back in the day(1959) my dad owned his own business, Advance Alarm Co. here in So Cal. He had a white '59 sedan delivery,gray interior, lettered for the business, you rarely see those. About 30 years ago, there was a little roadside watering hole at the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon up here called the Canyon Inn. A blue '60 delivery used to sit next to the place for a few years, that was the last year for the sedan delivery. The whole tailgate used to swing up in one piece with the window,making it difficult to make one out of a two door wagon. Ford made deliveries through the '58 year, called a Courier, the '59 Ford Courier was just a two door wagon with glass,but the Falcon sedan deliveries went up through 1965. I wished there would have been a Nova 2 door wagon,sedan delivery,and an El Camino.This '63 actually might be better off without the trim since real sedan deliveries were very basic.