63 Impala rubber flaps


I think they show it in the assembly manual if you have one. It attaches the same way the rubber a arm seals are on the front inner fenders, with staples.


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As was noted above they were originally stapled below the 1/4 panel tailight to the flange on the body behind the bumpers.
The staple holes should still be visible on the body flange.
I have never installed on my restorations/repainting the cars since I do not plan on driving my cars at speed on gravel roads. They intended I think to prevent rocks, gravel from hitting the painted body (on Belair and Biscaynes ) and the SS or Impala trim pieces around the taillights from being hit.


If I knew everyone else was leaving theirs off, I would have too! :D You really can't see them with the bumper on anyway.