63 SS Revisited.....Project Z


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What do you do when you have too much money invested in a car knowing you will never get it back??.......You throw more money at!!!!!

After talking to a few folks here on the forum, I decided to put the Z-11 motor in my blue car. While it looked great from 15 feet, it needs a lot of cosmetics to be worthy of the new motor. It now has 50 thousand original miles on it and I JUST wanted to get it ready to paint......................:wtf??????????.......Talk about one thing leading to another!!:confused

The original floors are great, but was really disappointed to find very isolate rust out on the two outside front braces that came thru the floor. Really not bad..... but now something else needs to be addressed. Trunk is good..Bottom of doors have rust, etc...:furious
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What's your plan ,,,, frame off ????
No frame off.......I hope...Too much time , money and logistics. This car was"restored" by a group in Tennessee many years ago. There is no undercoating and the frame is nicely painted as is the underside of the body. Red primer is present under the semi-gloss black paint. Other than the brace/floor rust, it all looks good underneath.

The former restorer covered up a lot of things that most of us would not accept. AFTER all this is done, I intend to keep my eyes open for a CLEAN non-SS, to potentially do a body-off Z-11 clone, unless I win the lottery first and buy a real one!:flag:pepper:bacon


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Cooler than a polar bears' toenails:cool: I love your 63's man, both of em. Two awesome rides. That stamp on the tunnel is interesting, never seen anything like that in all the cars I've had apart. Just crayon or whatever that stuff is on the firewall...


That stamp is odd when you think about it. Probably a good reason for the month and day but why would they need to put the year? Did they not know the year they were living in and building this car? :scratch

Phil Reed

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THANK YOU BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe Dennis started this thread in a category called 6 cylinder and small block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Jack wagon!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that's what he needs to buy.............a 63 station wagon and put the Z in it!!! Only one ever built........just for Zora!!!!


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Got a little work done this weekend......................No end in sight.................I spoke with Carl McQuillin yesterday and he stated the block has checked out and in outstanding condition. May not even have to deck it. Bores cleaned up perfectly at .030. Crank, Rods and Pistons ordered. Really bummed about the car, but it will be nice when done IMG_0702 (1).jpg


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I am considering selling this Gibbs built stroker at a more than reasonable price from air cleaner
to pan.......fan to pressure plate for $11, 500.00 about 2700 miles. Isky roller, 7-4 swap.

Billet hinges for $375.00 (Ring Brothers). You can purchase hinge pistons for fiberglass hood if you have one. Both hinges have a slight shaved section to aid in easier closure.

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