63 wagon glass.


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The flat glass won't be tempered.
A local glass shop should be able to temper cut sheet, especially if it's one that's doing any sort of custom glass work for residential applications - showers, stairwells, etc.

Alternatively, one could use laminated glass.

I have a 64 wagon that would have the same glass. Not sure if is all good. I'm in northern North Dakota so could probably send it Speedy Delivery reasonable. Ron 701-490-2125
'63 and '64 share the same glass. Glass from the '63-64 BOP models would be the same, too.

dakota tom

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The car was at a vacant farm. Good car, came from the west side of Jackson Hole WY. I'll have to tarp it until I can move some stuff around and get it inside but then I'll have no work space.

I have two four door parts cars with good front glass, both tinted. Brother may have some clear front door glass. Thanks anyway L.A.

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Wagon glass is the same for the windshield, and front doors as the 4 door sedan. The rear doors are larger. Tempered glass cannot be cut after it is tempered, but they do cut flat glass, and then send it out for tempering. The tailgate glass is particularly difficult because of its size. I know that laminated glass was an option in some Chevrolets in 1962, but don't know about other years. I would prefer laminated glass through out the entire car, since it is less likely to leave broken glass inside if it breaks. I know that Auto City Glass can put the LOF logo on for an extra cost. If the insurance is covering the costs, then go for the best. If not, then have it done the least expensive way.