68 Caddy No ac radio delete.

Don Jacks

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With a little trickery,big block Chevy headers can be used on the Caddy heads as well.Just don't turn one above about 4,000 rpm and expect it to live,the rocker arms and valve train won't take it,neither will the harmonic balancer.There are aftermarket solutions for this,but the rocker arm stuff is pricey.


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About the only differences between the 472 and the 500 was the crankshaft and the pistons.Fun fact;use the pistons for a 72 and later the 68-70 cylinder heads and you'll have about 12.5-1 compression.Both the 472 and 500 only weighed 55-60 lbs.more than an iron headed small block Chevy engine.
Yes I was familiar kind of like a 327/350 SBC, I always thought the 327 was a more magical combination and feel the same about the 472/500 with the 472 being that more magical combo.


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If you're gonna carry the weight,you might as well carry the inches.
Yes put a big arm in it, this is America (Making America Great Again) bigger is better. One of the members in the Nostalgia Gassers Racing Association that I belong to has a 500 Caddy stroked to around 550 ci and its in a steel 40 Willys Coupe, it gets a lot of attention at the races.
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