817 340hp heads


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Selling a set of 817 340hp 409 heads.
They sat for a long time and are rusty as you can see in the pics. They should clean up with a .060 surface. They are boxed and ready to ship. Shipping will run you about $80 each UPS. Great heads to port and install the 2.19 valves. $500
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Phil Reed

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Sorry.....I can't imagine these cleaning up at .060. Then intake side will probably need to be milled.
Just my opinion.
I have a set of 690's that have a couple cylinders looking 1/2 as bad. Someone showed on youtube heating head super hot then spaying some kind of metal to the surface. The surface was then milled down. I believe it was on a diesel head. Has anyone heard of this? Also what causes this kind of pitting? Thanks, Ken.